Same Day Crowns at Matonti Dental

You deserve a permanent solution to your oral health needs today! At Matonti Dental we are proud to offer our patients the convenience of same day crowns.

Matonti Dental’s CEREC machine mills and delivers crowns within one-hour. Our patients do not leave our office with temporary crowns. Matonti Dental values saving our patients time, eliminating uncomfortable impression material, and delivering a warrantied prosthesis that is comfortable and strong.

(Before & After Same Day Crowns)

  1. CEREC Crowns Save You Time – All your treatment is same day! Matonti Dental saves you time by eliminating the traditional 2nd appointment, or more, to replace a temporary crown. This allows our patients to reduce the trips to the dentist while also removing the discomfort of a temporary crown. It is our experience that temporary crowns are prone to cracking, “popping” off, rough on your cheeks and tongue, and can increase sensitivity.


  1. CEREC Crowns Eliminate Messy Impression Material – Matonti Dental develops a 3D scan of your entire mouth in seconds. With digital technology at our disposal, there is no need for the traditional icky tasting, sticky, gag-inducing impression material that takes nearly 10 minutes to set in your mouth.


  1. CEREC Crowns are Strong – A CERE Crown is milled from a solid piece of ceramic making it stronger and more durable than other crown options. We stand behind this milling process and material as the best crown option for our patients and we confidently provide warranties on our products and procedures.


  1. CEREC Crowns Allow A Doctors Personal Touch – An off-site laboratory technician no longer controls the production of a crown for our patients. With our in-house 3D design software and CEREC milling machine, Matonti Dental provides a personal touch and communication process by eliminating the middleman between the patient and the Doctor. Matonti designs the crown to match the unique characteristics of your surrounding teeth customizing each patients crown to their mouth.


  1. CEREC Crowns Reduces the Number of Intrusive Needles & Shots– Anesthetic may be required for both appointments of a traditional crown placement – this includes the temporary crown appointment and the delivery of the final crown appointment. Matonti Dental values being able to reduce the times and amount of anesthetic our patients receive. By delivering same-day crowns, most of our patients only require a unit of anesthetic.

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