Same Day Crown and Bridges

At Matonti Dental, permanent crowns and bridges are completed the same day as a diagnosis, in some cases within one hour! Gone are the days of multiple dentist visits, temporary fixes, messy impression materials, and waiting weeks on a dental lab. Dr. Robyn Matonti is one of the only local Naples dentists who prepares porcelain fillings known as onlays, crowns, and bridges in the practice.

Traditionally, a crown or bridge will take at least two dental visits. At Matonti Dental, the entire procedure is completed the same day. Here is what to expect in the practice for your same day crown or same day bridge:

  • You are greeted by the Matonti Dental team and seen by Dr. Matonti at the time reserved for your appointment.
  • Dr. Matonti diagnosis the tooth and identifies the need for an onlay, crown or bridge.
  • Local anesthesia is administered as desired for patient's comfort.
  • Tooth decay and defective fillings are removed from the tooth or teeth and the to be restored is reshaped to accept a permanent onlay, crown or bridge
  • Dr. Matonti captures a 3D image of your tooth.
  • The crown is designed to match your smile and the CEREC machine in the practice fabricates your restoration from a single block of ceramic in approximately 30 minutes.
  • You can choose to watch the milling process in the entry room or remain in your reserved treatment room from comfort and relaxation.
  • Dr. Matonti checks the accuracy, durability, fit and feel of the restoration, makes any adjustments, and securely bonds the onlay, crown, or bridge to the tooth or teeth.


Before and After of same day crown restored by Dr. Matonti


Our CEREC machine, proudly displayed in the practice entry, mills your onlay, crown, or bridge from a single block ceramic. The CEREC machine produces custom onlays, crowns, and bridges with the help from a 3D scanner that perfectly scans your mouth. The 3D scanner used by Dr. Matonti has zero radiation and is safe for all patients.

If you have any questions about a faulty filling or tooth decay, contact us today to discuss the possibility of a same day crown or bridge.


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