Healthy After School Snacks for Kids

Snack time is a great opportunity to sneak extra nutrients into your child’s diet. Instead of sugary, highly processed snacks, fill your child’s tummy with whole foods that will provide energy and nutrition.

A child maintaining a well-balanced diet is not only great for their well-being but it is also good for their oral health. Eating a variety of nutrient rich food from all food groups promotes healthy teeth and gums. Smart snacking also can help your child’s mouth stay in good shape. Eliminate sugary treats and opt for nutritious choices; this will help promote good bone growth.

As a mother of two, nutrition and healthy choices plays a big impact in our household. I like to make eating healthy snacks such as veggies fun and yummy at the same time! Thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration, here are a few after school snacks your child will LOVE!


Mini Spinach and Cheese Pizza

Both spinach and cheese are high in calcium. Spinach promotes oral health by building up teeth enamel and helps treat gum problems. Cheese helps naturally strengthen teeth and bones. It also helps balance pH levels in your mouth, which helps lessen the chances of cavities.


Cucumber bites

Kids won’t realize they’re eating veggies with this delicious treat! Vegetables such as cucumbers help strengthen all teeth. All the chewing helps eliminate plaque buildup by cleansing the teeth and gums.


Blueberry Yogurt Bites

What’s not to LOVE about this treat! This treat is perfect for a long, summer day or if you live in Naples, Florida! Blueberries have more antioxidant than any other fruit; which boosts your immune system and helps prevent gum disease. Like cheese, yogurt is also high in calcium; which promotes bone strength. It is believed that the healthy bacteria found in yogurt helps protect your gums and teeth. 


Tortilla Roll Ups 

Turkey is loaded with protein. Protein has phosphorus in it, and when phosphorus mixes with calcium and vitamin D, it creates strong bones and teeth!

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