Have your wine and drink it too; A Dentist’s guide to drinking red wine

Don’t let your smile be the tell-tale sign of enjoying that glass, or bottle, of red wine. There are several ways to lessen the stain that red wine leaves on your teeth. Below are some tips to accomplish this:

  1. Pair your wine with cheese. Specifically hard cheeses such as cheddar or asiago. These not only provide you with a source of calcium, but they coat your teeth in said calcium, making it harder for the tannins to stick.
  2. Drink water in between glasses of wine. Not only does drinking water allow you to enjoy your time without getting too wine happy, but the water helps to loosen stains early on
  3. Brush your teeth BEFORE enjoying your wine. Tannins in red wine stick to the plaque that builds up on your teeth. Routine cleanings at your dentist office in conjunction with brushing and flossing (best is with an electric toothbrush) are surefire ways to keep your teeth sparkling no matter when you eat or drink

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