Fly Like A Dentist - Travel Gets Easier with These Simple Tricks

Do you feel like you have bad breath when you deplane from a flight? Does your mouth just not feel clean? Besides having your travel toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss handy, here are some quick tips and tricks I use when I fly:

1. Have plenty of water
This is not only good to keep you hydrated while flying, but this continues to coat your mouth and wash away bad bacteria. If you decide to spring for that soda, coffee, or alcoholic beverage, ask for a cup of water with it as well. After you have your sip of beverage, follow it up with water. This will help to prevent binding of sugar to existing plaque on teeth, prevent staining, and prevent low ph in the mouth making you less susceptible to cavities and tooth erosion.

2. Pack an apple
Even though fruit can be acidic to your teeth, when you eat an apple just before de-planing, the apple skin and core is abrasive. It removed plaque and bacteria from the surface of your teeth, gums, and tongue. It also leaves you with sweet breath.

3. Whitening pen
Who does not want a glowing white smile as they are greeted by friends or family as they are collected from the airport. After I have my apple and my last sips of water. I use my whitening pen, I prefer the ZOOM whitening pen, to give me that extra boost of a glowing white smile. This not only makes me feel refreshed, but makes you look more refreshed following traveling.

For more tips and tricks on oral health while traveling feel free to contact us!
What are you smiling about? We are smiling about oral health while on an adventure.

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