Fill Your Tooth Like a Dentist - Not All Fillings Are Created Equal

Are you in need of having a filling? Have you been told the dentist is “watching” one of your teeth and it may need a filling in the future? Have all your filling options been reviewed with you?

There are several options to fill a tooth. Depending on how large the filling is will dictate what type of filling materials are available to you. Now-a-days we are much more conscience about what is going into our bodies. As your oral health advocate, staying abreast of available materials and procedures is my duty to my patients. One of my goals is to limit the amount of metals and other harmful substances we expose ourselves to on a daily basis as it is key to not only our oral health, but our overall health.

With a healthy biocompatible mindset is how I choose what filling options are best for my patients. Not only would I advise for “tooth-colored” fillings to be placed, we even have tooth-colored materials that help to strengthen your tooth and protect against future cavities by releasing beneficial ions such as calcium, phosphate, and fluoride. This type of material not only releases these components one time, but continually absorbs said ions from saliva to “recharge” itself to continue to protect. Another option that is also tooth colored and “metal-free” is doing an inlay/onlay - fancy for larger than a filling, but smaller than a crown- made of solid zirconia. With this type of restoration you it can be up to two visits as you may require a temporary restoration while the final is being processed.

For my family and myself, the above are the only type I would allow in my mouth. What would you allow in yours? Think about what materials you are allowing in your mouth and what possibly existing materials may be breaking down in your mouth and now are being pumped throughout your body in higher than ideal amounts?

Call today for a consultation to review what options may be best for you!

Deteriorating Old Silver Filling

Tooth Colored Filling  

Deteriorating Zirconia Inlay

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