Who wore it better? Store-Bought v. Custom-Fabricated Mouth Guards

Think about how important your smile is to you—if a mouth or facial injury were to occur, consider how many functions would be affected: eating, smiling, talking, even laughing—wouldn’t be the same. Mouth guards are used during high-impact physical activity to prevent this from happening. If you’re struggling to decide which option is right for you—look no further! Matonti Dental is here to point you in the right direction!

Store bought guards are NOT ideal when comparing to custom-fabricated guard. Mass produced store bought guards are not fitted to the shape of your teeth, your mouth in general, nor how you naturally bite. They are bulky, causing discomfort during wear—which can affect not only your physical performance by being uncomfortable but even possibly impede your breathing from having something bulky in your mouth if you switch to mouth breathing, common in many athletes.

Custom-Fabricated mouth guards fabricated by your dentist, are custom fitted to your teeth and mouth, allowing more comfort and protection from trauma. These qualities will help you have peace of mind knowing your mouth is protected and allow you to focus more on the game.

Usually, the main deterrent is that custom-fitted guards are more expensive; however, there is a greater cost when an athlete injures or has trauma to their mouth. What most athletes forget, is that store-bought guards are no longer usable after a few months, requiring you to buy a new one continuously. On the other side, custom-fabricated guards effectively withstand force, and are durably made—saving you money in the long run.

Still up in the air about which mouth guard to choose? Remember this: quality always wins over quantity. So let me ask you, who do you think wore it better? The athlete who is distracted by their bulky, ill-fitted guard; or the athlete who wears their custom guard with ease, enabling them to play at the peak of their performance?


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