Covid-19 + Your Toothbrush

If you think Coronavirus would just get away from your body through just washing your hands a lot of times a day, you're mistaken. Though this hugely helps to prevent getting the virus, having a full hygiene treatment to your whole body helps more.

Here's some tips regarding your toothbrush and how to prevent Covid-19:

Never share your tooth brush with anybody.  You may be married, you may have a life partner, you may think "well I kiss that person, so it's ok to share a toothbrush" - but it is NOT ok.  Everyone has different bacteria in your mouths, different microorganisms - sometimes your gums even bleed when brushing, none of which you want to share those things with others.

Store your brush away from the toilet. Every flush launches bacteria into the air that may come in contact with other things in the bathroom, like your toothbrush.  

Store your toothbrush away from others. Airborne bacteria can be shared between toothbrushes stored near each other in warm, moist environments like the bathroom.

Let your brush air-dry before putting a cap on the head or storing it away. After rinsing your toothbrush, keep it upright and let it dry. Sealing it with a cap or container while it’s wet may foster the growth of bacteria.

Rinse your toothbrush thoroughly after every brushing, using hot water, hydrogen peroxide, or alcohol-based mouthwash.

Don’t share the toothpaste. Avoid spreading germs by giving each member of the family his or her own toothpaste tube. Using an individual travel-size container when someone is sick is also a good habit.

Change your toothbrush regularly. Bristles become frayed and worn with use and the brush may not clean as well. Check brushes often for this wear and replace them more frequently if needed. And toothbrushes wear out faster for some people than others. Kids’ toothbrushes may need to be replaced more often than adults’.

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