Brush Like A Dentist

Patients always ask what the best toothpaste for bright white teeth is, what is the best for sensitive teeth, or what is best for dry mouth. From my experience and feedback from patients the following are Matonti Dental’s recommendations:

  1. Breath Rx

What better whitening toothpaste then from the makers of ZOOM whitening! BreathRx is available through your local dentist and is great for whitening and fresh breath. It does contain Fluoride, which is still recommended by American Dental Association, as well as other essential oils to protect, strengthen, and whiten teeth and gums.


  1. Sensodyne

This is the most well-known sensitive toothpaste. Patients of mine who suffer from sensitive have had great success with this brand. The ingredients that make this brand so successful and what you should look for in any sensitive toothpaste and the amount that is in each is Potassium Nitrate and Stannous Fluoride.


  1. Biotene

Patients who suffer from dry mouth Biotene is a great product not only for mouthwash, but toothpaste as well. This toothpaste helps to protect your hard and soft tissues as well as stimulate saliva production in combination with its well-known mouthwash for dry mouth.


Disclaimer for any toothpaste look out for the ingredient SLS, sodium laurel sulfate. This ingredient is used to create the foaming action in toothpastes and is a known common irritant to gums and sensitive teeth. If you are prone to canker sores this ingredient has exaggerated their occurrence in patients. If you do not have sensitive teeth or gums, are not prone to canker sores, currently are using a toothpaste with SLS and have no adverse side effects, you can continue to use a toothpaste with SLS.


For other tips and tricks to brush like a dentist schedule a visit at Matonti Dental today!

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