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Matonti Dental is committed to maximizing treatment outcomes while maintaining a comfortable experience for our patients. To achieve these goals, we continuously assess where we can make upgrades or investments that allow us to offer the best technology available. When you come to our office, you’ll notice right away that it’s one of the most technologically advanced on the entire Gulf Coast!

dental technology at Matonti DentalThese advancements in dental technology are increasingly benefiting patients, making nearly every dental treatment more effective and as well as more affordable every year. With all of our precision diagnostics and treatment technology, you’ll receive the efficient and painless dental care you deserve at our Naples, FL location!

Digital X-Rays

At Matonti Dental, we use Nomad’s advanced digital x-rays to expose our patients to less radiation, make x-rays quick and comfortable, and make your x-ray images available to Dr. Matonti immediately, so she can review them with you right away.

CEREC Same Day Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dr. Matonti is certified to use the CEREC crown and bridge restoration system. This means we can give a customized crown to patients on the same day of their appointment, rather than asking them to wait weeks for a crown to be created in an off-site lab before having it placed. And our in-office fabricated crowns come with custom color tinting, so we can ensure they blend in perfectly with the rest of your smile. Come to Matonti Dental to discover the convenience of a dental practice that functions as its own lab, too!

Intraoral Camera

X-rays are an excellent way to help diagnose oral health problems, but an intraoral camera takes it a step further. At Matonti Dental, we use our intraoral camera to capture images and examine areas of the mouth that x-rays can’t show. And with our primescan intraoral scanner, we can create a digital impression of your smile, so we won’t ever have to take traditional impressions using sticky, putty-like materials that are often found uncomfortable.

Digital Ultrasonic Scaling

Our Cavitron 300 Ultrasonic Scaling System provides faster, more effective, and more comfortable scaling treatments. We always have your comfort in mind, so we knew we wanted to invest in this technology that uses less heat and less water than more traditional methods of the past.

Experience Treatment with State-of-the-Art Technologies

Are you ready to experience comfortable dentistry delivered with the latest technology in a relaxing atmosphere? Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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